Web hosting. How to choose web hosting. The Best Web Hosting.

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Web hosting. How to choose web hosting. The Best Web Hosting.

Hi everybody! My name is Alex. During 3 last years i teach the people to make own business in internet. I have 2000+ paid clients and more then 50 000 subscribers.

I am not good in English, but try to understand me, because I would like to tell important things – how to choose web hosting.

I recommend you to use US hosting companies with cheap tariffs and good quality!

unlimited space
unlimited domains
unlimited MySQL data bases
unlimited sites

all from 2,5 USD per month !!!

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00:01 introducing
00:34 start your own internet business
01:00 the best hosting you ever seen
02:15 simple scripts
02:55 how to install wordpress, drupal, modx
04:18 how to add file to hosting

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